Top 12 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats For Your Practice

Every little thing we can do to help the environment courts, even if it’s changing your yoga mat. Most yoga mats are made with PVC and other plastics that hurt the environment as well as your body. To learn more about eco-friendly yoga mats and how to choose them, keep reading below. 

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Before figuring out what eco-friendly yoga mats are great for you, you should know how to choose an eco-friendly mat. Most yoga mats are made of plastics, that hurt the environment and don’t break down in natural conditions.

Most mats are made with PVC or polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic that’s cheap for manufactures. PVC is a petroleum product that consists of phthalates.

These phthalates are what make the plastic flexible but they also may cause health problems and have major environmental impacts. Yoga mats that contain plastics can start to mess with the body’s hormones, immune system, reproductive system, and can have negative neurological effects. 

Overall for your health and the health of the environment you should stay away from yoga mats that have PVC. You may think this can be impossible, but it’s easy to find an eco friendly yoga mat these days. We have even listed ten of the best eco-friendly yoga mats below that we recommend. 

When choosing a yoga mat, make sure it’s not created with any plastics or petroleum products. Also make sure no chemicals are added to the mat. You can find all this information on the mat’s tag or website. 

Another thing you will want to look out for is the biodegradability of the product. It should be 100 % biodegradable and from a renewable resource.

1. Manduka eKO Lite

The Manduka eKO Lite is a great eco-friendly option. The mat is thick and provides extra cushioning from the floor. The thickness of this mat will help provide extra support to your joints.

The mat is high-quality and you will think it’s made with PVC like a traditional yoga mat. The Manduka eKO Lite is made from biodegradable natural tree rubber that isn’t harvested from the Amazon. 

2. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

One of the best quality eco-friendly mats on the market is the Jade Yoga Harmony Mat. These mats are made in a highly sustainable manner and include ingredients such as natural rubber from rubber trees that are biodegradable and renewable.

None of the Jade mats include PVC or synthetic rubber. These mats are made in the United States and are compliant with US labour, environmental, and consumer protection laws. 

The best thing about this company is that they plant 1 tree for every mat sold. To date, they’ve been able to plant over 1 million trees. 

3. Yoloha Nomad Cork Mat

The Yoloha Nomad Cork Mat is a great eco-friendly option when it comes to buying your first or next mat. This mat is made of premium grade, anti-bacterial cork. 

The cork is self-cleaning and will provide you with traction, which means no more slippery mats. Since this mat is made of cork, which is a natural substance, it’s 100 % biodegradable.

One awesome thing about the Yoloha company is that any cork leftover during the manufacturing of the mat will be used to make new mats. This means there is no waste when it comes to the Yoloha company.

4. Prana E.C.O Yoga Mat

The Prana E.C.O yoga mat is recyclable and made of 100 % thermoplastic elastomer. This mat is also U.V. resistant and won’t break down in the sun. Overall this yoga mat is great for someone who does a lot of outside yoga classes. 

This mat is lightweight and perfect for transporting on the tube or in your car. Another plus to this mat is that its closed-cell design keeps germs from absorbing into the mat. 

5. The Liforme Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a great everyday yoga mat, look no further than the Liforme Yoga Mat. This mat is a thinner and slightly larger option to traditional yoga mats.

Even though this option is thinner than other mats, it still provides great cushioning to joints and is durable. This mat will not lose its grip in wet situations and makes it perfect for hot yoga. One of the best features of this mat is that it has markers to help keep you straight and aligned while you’re doing your yoga moves

Liforme cares about having a positive impact on the environment and has the goal of being a sustainable company. Because of this, they have been able to create mats that are eco-friendly and can biodegrade in a landfill in 1 to 5 years.

6. Barefoot Original Eco Mat

The Barefoot Original Eco Mat is made of all-natural rubber and jute fibre. No chemicals are added to the mats during production, making it one of the top eco-friendly mats currently in production.

The rubber is on the bottom so it can grip and secure the mat to the floor. The jute fibre creates the upper side of the mat, providing great traction in heavy sweating situations. 

7. Dragonfly TPE Lite Mat

If you’re someone who loves a minimalist look but strives to be eco-friendly, then the Dragonfly TPE Lite Mat is a perfect match for you. This mat is imprinted with little dragonflies on its surface, adding a nice design to the mat.

This dragonfly dream mat is made with a closed-cell design to keep any germs or sweat from seeping into the mat. This mat is lightweight and great for transporting from class to class, inside or outside. 

8. 2nd Wind Health Grippy Yoga Mat

The 2nd Wind Health Grippy Yoga Mat gives the feel of a smooth mat while not sacrificing functionality. The surface is smooth, but provides expert grip in wet and dry situations. 

This mat is one of the heavier ones on our list. Its weight helps it to anchor to the ground and prevents slippage while you’re doing your moves.

The thickness of this mat is thicker than the others listed above. It provides a great cushion and support for those who have joint issues. 

The 2nd Wind Health Grippy Yoga Mat is biodegradable and made of eco-friendly materials. This company also plans to be plastic-free in a few years. 

9. Tranquil Yogi Oasis Yoga Mat

The Tranquil Yogi Oasis Yoga Mat is a mat that feels great and provides the user with great traction. This mat also has a beautiful design and can be a much-needed accessory to your yoga routine. 

This mat has great padding and is ideal for anyone that suffers from sore or stiff joints. The Tranquil Yogi Oasis Yoga Mat is one of the most eco-friendly yoga mats on the market.

10. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat

The Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat is made completely of natural rubber and adheres to a proprietary blend of other eco-friendly and natural ingredients. This mat has a soft surface that provides an excellent grip. It’s a light mat but provides a great cushion when compared to other mats of similar weights. 

11. B Mat Strong

The B Mat Strong is made 100% of natural and synthetic rubber. This mat is made without the addition of any harsh chemicals, sealants, or finishes. 

This mat is light and provides an amazing grip. It’s perfect for yoga in wet situations as well as dry situations.

The B Mat Strong is durable, like its name suggests. The surface is a nice texture and is great for someone who does a lot of moves on their elbows and knees. 

12. Affirmations Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a mat that is beautiful and eco-friendly, then you should consider the Affirmations Yoga Mat. This mat is beautifully designed and will have a little affirmation on it to help make your day and work out better.

This mat is made from slip-resistant jute and eco-PVC. It contains no heavy metals, phthalates, or latex. 

What Eco-Friendly Mat Will You Be Taking To Your Next Class

You now know why typical yoga mats are not eco-friendly. The PVC mats are made of can have negative effects on the environment as well as your body. 

We have given you a list of the top eco-friendly yoga mats on the market. Now it’s time to choose what eco-friendly mat fits your needs and take the step to start saving the earth while improving your workout routine.

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